Best Quality Tiles in Asia (Pakistan)

The best services team of best home builders in Lahore. to help you in decoration. There are three main kinds of tough tile:

  1. Metal tiles
  2. Rubber tiles
  3. Glass tiles
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Best Quality Metal Tiles:

Metal tiles are the oldest, and have been extensively used for centuries. But today they are less popular in the other countries than in the Asia, because they are heavy and require more maintenance than other types which are easier to install and remove.

Rubber Tiles:

Rubber tiles was introduced in the 80s and is quickly becoming an important alternative to metal tile.
It is becoming increasingly popular in the US because it is easy to install and remove, doesn’t require as much time as metal tile, offer
a variety of designs, has low installation cost compared to metal tile, and can be recycled at the end of its useful lifespan.

Glass tiles:

Glass tiles has recently become quite popular among home owners because it is easier to clean than metal or rubber tile, offers many different designs can be recycled at the end of its useful lifespan, and you don’t need any additional equipment or tools to install.

Concrete is made of cement and stone or bricks. Cement is a mixture of limestone, clay and water. Stone or brick is made of clay, sand and water. Mostly best home builders in Lahore, Pakistan, Use the best and suitable things for you.

Stone and brick are usually made by cutting and shaping stones or bricks with a machine called the masonry saw. So they are not very tough tiles that can stand any heavy weight or pressure. Concrete is different from stone or brick because it is a mixture of the three materials: cement, sand and small stones. Cement mixes limestone with water to make concrete; it’s the tough part. Nevertheless, concrete tiles are not considered very durable because they tend to scratch easily.

Tough tiles are stuff you don’t have to buy. They’re designed to be made in 1-2 days by anyone who has a few tools.It has his own advantages and disadvantages, which are shared by the some of the best home builders in Lahore, Pakistan:

Tile Mold:

This is the commonest type of tough tile. It takes an hour or so to make a single tile; at least one person is needed to make it, and maybe 2 or 3. You can also make them in batches, then stack them in the right way to cover the whole room.

The disadvantage of tile mold is that most of it is wasted. If you want a smooth finish, you won’t use it, but if you do, you’ll have to make lots of it before finding out what’s wrong with the first batch.

Cinder Block:

Cinder block is like tile mold except that it’s made of concrete blocks instead of tiles; big ones that weigh about 400 pounds
These aren’t too hard to cut with a diamond-impregnated saw blade (it’s not necessary to know how), but they’re still heavy and unwieldy; they’re also expensive.

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