Price of floor tiles in Pakistan in 2022-2023

Inflation is the discussion of the day in Pakistan. Prices of everything are increasing, and individuals are stressed over the eventual fate of our nation’s economy. On the off chance that you are looking to get the floors tiled, it could come to you as awful news that floor tile prices in Pakistan has likewise increased. However, sit back and relax! Redbox is here to furnish you with the ideal choices in this blog.

It was exceptionally uncommon to see tile flooring in Pakistan houses as it was confined to restrooms and kitchens as it were. However, today, individuals favor shiny and clean floors. Tiles are utilized as the most well-known flooring type during the development of houses nowadays. Assuming you are looking to revamp your floor or construct it without any preparation, you should know about the sorts of tiles, their expenses, and other significant subtleties to take care of business impeccably. Stay with us and read this blog till the end as we are going to talk about types, elements, and floor tile designs in Pakistan.


Sorts of Flooring Tiles

There are many sorts of tiles, yet in Pakistan, we have three kinds of flooring tiles that are referenced beneath.

Ceramic Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Rock Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are broadly utilized in Pakistan. They are comprised of regular dirt blended in with water. Together, water and mud structure a red glue. This glue is then formed into square (tile-like) shapes. Then the tile is put in a furnace at a high temperature. It gets solidified and, after finishing, a thin layer similar as a coating is set upon it that gives the tile various examples, varieties, and designs. In request to safeguard it from water and make it scratch-safe, the tile is covered with stain.

Elements of Ceramic Tiles
Assimilate more water.
Scratch Safe.
Long-lasting varieties.
Accessible in various varieties and stylish designs.
Simple to cut and install.
Utilized for walls and indoor flooring.
Best for restrooms and kitchens.
Can’t use for outside flooring on the grounds that these tiles can’t endure extremely high or exceptionally low temperatures.

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are warmed at a higher temperature than earthenware tiles. Porcelain tiles are additionally made by using earth, however the ingredients are unique. The distinction in ingredients brings about a distinction in variety and a white on-permeable tile emerges from the oven. This tile is less inclined to water assimilation, more solid, and more scratch-safe when contrasted and fired tile. After finishing, a print is added to make a half-body tile. The varieties and examples are blended straightforwardly into the dirt prior to putting the tile in the oven for full-body tiles.

Highlights of Porcelain Tiles
With a thickness of 20mm, it is incredibly sturdy.
Accompany non-slip qualities.
Safe against heat, cold, scratch, stain and toxins.
Best for flooring of the main areas of home.
Appropriate for outside flooring.
Functions admirably for walkways, porches, and swimming pool edges.

Rock Tiles

These tiles come from a stone called rock. It is a type of stone flooring which is much of the time slice to a certain thickness, keeping the tiles in mind. When contrasted and ceramic and porcelain, these are the most water-safe tiles. Yet, forming them is difficult. You need to cut bits of tile from regular stone surfaces to make them. Laser cutting innovation is utilized to obtain these tiles.

Elements of Stone Tiles
Special example and various tones.
Simple to install, clean, and maintain.
They are the hardest.
Versatile to scratch, dampness, intensity, and cold.
Durable tones and shine.
Proper for outside flooring.
Best for rooms and living rooms.

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Tiles rate in Pakistan

Floor Tiles Price in Pakistan rely on various variables like sort, size, and plan. It is smarter to consider flooring expenses and market paces of tiles to make an expected financial plan.

In Pakistan, we have different choices as tiles from China, Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Iran are accessible on the lookout. Ceramic, porcelain, stone, and different kinds of tiles are imported from these nations, yet prices change according to the quality.

Price Section – Floor Tiles in Pakistan

The price section for these tiles is given underneath.

Spanish Tiles (min. 2,800 PKR per meter)
Malaysian and Indonesian Tiles (min. 2,300 PKR per meter)
Chinese and Irani Tiles (min. 800 PKR per meter)
Artistic tiles price in Pakistan generally begins from 11,000 and reaches to 17,000 PKR. You can likewise decide on vinyl flooring that looks tasteful. Vinyl or PVC floor tiles price in Pakistan is normally between 55 PKR to 100 PKR per square foot.

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Wooden floor tiles price in Pakistan

Wooden flooring inspires the living space and gives it a tasteful look. In Pakistan, two sorts of wooden flooring are exceptionally well known. The following are the names with their rates. There are different sorts of Wooden floor accessible on the lookout yet you really want to find out is it great to purchase wooden floor tiles?

wooden tiles

Hardwood floors (ranging between 585 PKR to 680 PKR per square foot).
The laminate wood floor (ranging between 175 PKR to 350 PKR per square foot).

Top Tiles Organizations in Pakistan

At the point when we discuss top tiles selling organizations in Pakistan, we get two major names. Ace and Sonex. We should look at their prices.

Ace floor tiles prices in Pakistan
1600 Rupees for every meter.
Sonex floor tiles price in Pakistan
301 Rupees for every meter.

Above prices are copied from another article, all prices confirm from original buyers and then buy the floor tiles in Pakistan.

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