What is Grey Structure?

It can literally be translated into any structure that looks grey when finished is included in the grey structure. This may include the main framework of the house and the masonry of the roof, walls and the foundations. This may also include an underground water/septic tank.

Grey Structure in lahore

What is NOT Included in Grey Structure?

Grey structure doesn’t usually include the construction of a boundary wall, and none of the other services that may include carpenter work, electrician work or plumbing. Grey structure also does not include the cost of paint and flooring.

The Baby Steps in Construction

Now that you have a grip on the definition of gray structure, we can begin with the steps of erecting this structure. First you need to look for a suitable site for construction, that is both feasible for you and will offer good amenities when you start living there. Gray structure construction companies in Lake City, Lahore are one of the most trusted conglomerates in this business. They will survey your sir and inform you of its suitability.

Grey Structure construction

Time To Bust Out the Maps

After getting the maps of the house approved you need to draw the site layout plan on your chosen site. This helps your contractor maintain orientation and prevent unexpected problems in the future.

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What’s Substructure in House Plans?

As evident by its name, substructure is anything that is below the level of the neighboring ground. This includes the foundations of the house that are in fact the backbone of every gray structure construction in Pakistan. Next comes the termite proofing, brickwork and concrete filling. This concludes the substructure.

What is Superstructure?

After the foundation work is done next comes the superstructure. In contrast to substructure, superstructure refers to anything that is above the ground level. This is the stage where your dream house finally starts getting its shape. Grey structure construction companies in Lake City Lahore are quite capable and provide top notch construction services in the society. They’ll take all the headache and deliver to you the house of your dreams.

Superstructure includes the floor construction that starts by lining the floor brick by brick. Then comes the construction of walls and the roof. While constructing the walls, space is maintained for installing the doors and windows and pipes are installed for wiring.

How to Choose a Construction Company in Lahore?

Grey structure construction is the foundation of your house and the quality of construction determines your quality of life for decades to come. You need a company that is well versed in gray structure construction and house plans so that you can have your dream house without worrying about quality.